What is the interactive?

Heads Up! is an online gamified driving challenge that reminds users to negotiate the road and the distractions surrounding them. It is a short 3 level based system focusing on the common distractions including texting, eating and other passengers. The interactive experience is attentive to your own decision making processes and confronts you consequently.

Target Audience?

Most engaging are teens with challenges aimed largely towards generational influences, including  peer pressure, texting and driving and other impulsive interactions. It’s educational gamified approach also suggests motives to retain attentiveness, not to mention the challenge was co-created by “TeenDrive365 in school“.Although the challenge would be beneficial to all learners alike, its overall communication is evidently directed towards younger drivers.

  • social media
  • inclusiveness of mobile interactivity
  • aimed generational influences

What knowledge did they assume of target audience?

There was no major apparent preconceived assumptions within the challenge. Levels were instructed for the user clearly and by pathway. Common knowledge was it’s basis (don’t hit the person on the road). Although language barriers could be a hindrance.

User Interactions?

There were abundance of mixed multimedia forms including type, sound, animations and user interactive input.

There is a high use of attention required by the user. Constantly looking for the next object ahead as well as dealing with the distractive challenge. The car is the main focus point having controlling its directions.

Below is a screentake from the “food distraction” level. Users must drag and hold either with their mouse or by their finger via mobile screens,  to try and  clear the distraction and get back in control of their vehicle.

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-5-26-15-amRetrieved from http://www.teendrive365inschool.com/sites/teendrive365inschool.com/files/headsup/, 28th February 2017.

other click link buttons are also present throughout stages of your journey, with options to share your results via social media in attempt to spread awareness.

User interface?

  • no navigational sections – progressive only
  • clear step paths

Visual Design, Layout, Colour and Typography?

The overall design was consistent and simplistic in style. It kept to generalised drawings (cartoonish) when representing environments and objects and further presented a fun appeal with vibrant colours and type in it’s animations. Type was easily read and apparent within instructional stages and functionality of the challenges were responsive without any lag.


  • POV to first person
  • added navigations to go back forth

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