About ~ An introduction to user personas and artefact personas in UXD.


A persona is a fictional description of a hypothesised user referenced from real users in the target user group. It typically includes details about the user’s needs, goals, skills, behaviour patterns, interests and lifestyle.

Personas essentially eliminate unnecessary information and give shape to the base of the target audience. Accordingly it identifies expectations, context, mediums of output and other specific details or patterns throughout.

Standard example: Fig.1

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.08.02 PM



Persona considerations 

User base size

Smaller groups allow for focused accommodation on user characteristics, easing design task complexity along creating good user experience viability. Chances of being more specific and personal are also within it’s benefit. However, it is aimed that designers consider fringe audiences simultaneously as to not completely exclude other user base opportunities.

Mental models

Are thoughts that people form around ideas or activities. Mental models are an important process to consider because they illustrate how the user approaches a particular problem.


Artefact Personas?

An artefact persona is somewhat similar to the user persona, however instead it is projecting a personality onto the project. It is associating traits and values onto the ‘artefact’ to empathise with the target audience.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.29.58 AM

The significance of this is a sense of familiarity. To give an impression to the audience that can later turn into product user adoption.




The user persona realisation is that the suitability of a design solution could be very wrong without heavily considering the audience. Finding a common understanding between the designer and the target user group is a crucial base that should be established and validated throughout the whole design process. Given the enormity of influence users have, it is also a reminder for designers to empathise with the need more than their own expectations.



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