User Scenarios

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User Scenarios?

User scenarios are the stories that your personas act out. They are often written in third person narrative style and start with the persona in a specific context and a predicament on hand in which the design solution will get involved.

Scenarios are created to allow designers to understand user perspectives and realise future user expectations. What will they look for when trying to complete tasks onsite? They are useful because they test designer ideas in context and help develop functionality that will meet the needs of users.


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They often include information about

  • goals
  • expectations
  • motivations
  • actions & reactions

They are not predications or forecasts, rather an attempt to reflect on how the system is used in context of daily activity.


User scenarios place a further realisation on user roleplaying significance. It takes the persona into context of functionality and problem solving, showing the requirements necessary for the interactive design to provide good user experience. Alongside personas they are essential reflective processes that make needs apparent.


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