UI Design Patterns

About ~ Common navigation patterns UI visual design It is often mistaken that the user interface is only about the aesthetics of the design, rather it is more a tool within it's interactivity. The design space between the user and the product. Good UI should aim to balance aesthetics and interactivity. Fig.1Design patterns Design patterns…Read more UI Design Patterns


User Scenarios

About ~ brief definition on user scenarios   User Scenarios? User scenarios are the stories that your personas act out. They are often written in third person narrative style and start with the persona in a specific context and a predicament on hand in which the design solution will get involved. Scenarios are created to…Read more User Scenarios


About ~ An introduction to user personas and artefact personas in UXD. PERSONAS? A persona is a fictional description of a hypothesised user referenced from real users in the target user group. It typically includes details about the user’s needs, goals, skills, behaviour patterns, interests and lifestyle. Personas essentially eliminate unnecessary information and give shape to the base of…Read more Personas

Instructional visions and issues

About - Instructional design revision and an exploration of issues with interactivity. Revision Instructional design is - How to "do something", or to explain "how something works". When getting involved with visual instructions, it is important to consider the graphics as communicative content rather than an aesthetic. Simplicity in visuals can dissipate barriers in a phonetic…Read more Instructional visions and issues


About - introduction to screen design basics and design patterns for screens. Patterns Patterns are conventions that are developed in terms of user interface and page compositions. The style/personality and elements of the interface. It is the visual representations and entertainment that users encounter and sometimes react to. Patterns are useful in attracting attention and can…Read more DESIGN PATTERNS


About - Brief introduction to the concept of context and the interactive design process. The design process overview The interaction design process has 8 distinct phases. Verplank identifies - Error - establishing a problem to be solved Idea - conceptualising solutions to thus problem Metaphor -  acting design solutions Scenario - creating situations to better a real…Read more PROCESS AND CONTEXT